October 26, 2000

Dear Jean,

I wanted to let you know that the North Star program is a wonderful asset to The Foote School. Megan participated in it when she was in the fifth grade and again this past summer as a camp program. She was inspired by the comradeship and empowering nature of this group.

North Star is fundamental learning for our girls. The fifth grade seems like a perfect time for its introduction, and continuing it in the upper grades provides consistency for older girls at a time when so many changes are happening to them. I also feel that the “all-girl” environment is crucially important for positive psychosocial development.

Nancy Manke and Karla Matheny work very well together and I am grateful that Megan had them as group leaders. Their knowledge of group dynamics and interpersonal expression make them terrific role models!

In a society that seems fixed on outward, upward and forward movement it is consoling to find a place where inward reflection, friendship and compassion are nurtured. North Star makes sense because our “girls” need a program which will strengthen their identities as emerging young women.



Judy Kerin