To whom it may concern,


The idea of the North Star program is to essentially give girls the power to find their guiding light, or North Star. They are asked to learn things about themselves and peers by speaking with each other about difficult issues such as body image and family. They create art that allows them to understand who they are. In sixth grade, I was desperately in need of my North Star. I saw myself doing and saying things that morphed me into something I did not want to be. Before entering North Star I never felt good about myself. Puberty was an ever-present force in my life, and I was struggling with more homework, new cliques and my body. But during that hour of North Star every Thursday, I was different. There, women were strong, healthy and smart; girls had the same questions and feelings as I. It was a whole new world. Through our chats and art projects I slowly began to understand who I was. Although it helped me find my faults as well, North Star provided me with some much needed self-assurance. How could I not feel and see good inside me when I was surrounded by females who thought I was funny, intelligent, beautiful and determined. Throughout the year I had been told I was amazing by teachers, parents and friends but I needed one final two-month event to finally prove it to myself. North Star gave me knowledge about myself that I had known was in there, but just had trouble finding.



Meghan O.